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Enjoy a wonderful holiday in Alcossebre and find the best cheap holiday rentals in Alcossebre.

Enjoy a wonderful holiday in Alcossebre and find the best cheap holiday rentals in Alcossebre.

In recent years we have realised that, in general, cheap holiday rentals in Spain, especially in Alcossebre, have proved to be very suitable for all types of tourists. In fact, holiday flats tend to be very attractive for two reasons:

  • Convenience for the well-being of families and groups of friends
  • Privacy and intimacy whether you are travelling with your partner or on your own

In addition to these reasons, Alcossebre is the ideal destination. On the one hand, because it is a beautiful village that combines beach and mountain and fascinates you with the diversity and beauty of its wonderful landscapes. On the other hand, it allows all tourists to find and rent cheap holiday flats on the beach in order to enjoy a long holiday.

Other amenities that may be included if you rent holiday flats

Many tourists rent holiday flats instead of hotel rooms because they have large spaces for exclusive use (a whole floor) and the convenience of preparing tasty meals as often as they like in their fully equipped kitchens.

By renting these types of accommodation, you also have the opportunity to personalise your home and feel at home even when you are on holiday.

For all those tourists who want to visit Alcossebre and have a flat with privacy to rest after days of beach, water sports or hiking, in Casa Azahar you can find the best cheap holiday rental and book with confidence.

Steps to follow to find the cheap holiday rental in Alcossebre and spend an amazing holiday

So what do you need to do to find the best deal and book one of the cheap holiday flats on the beach that will appear on the Casa Azahar website?

  • You need to set the dates for your next holiday in Alcossebre. For long stay holidays there are rates that vary depending on how many nights you plan to stay:

from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. a discount of -10% applies

from 14 to 20 nights -20%

from 21 to 27 nights -40% and 28 or more nights -50%.

If you plan to stay a minimum of 28 nights, there is a rate called winter in the sun, the price can go from 13 € per day plus the cost of electricity consumed and 15 € for obligatory weekly cleaning.

So find the cheap holiday rental that best suits your budget and needs, and enjoy your stay!

  • Be informed about the location to see what beaches, tourist attractions and what kind of services you will find nearby, because to taste the exquisite Valencian gastronomy, you have to eat in a restaurant in this beautiful town!
  • Specify the characteristics we are looking for in our ideal flat, such as the number of rooms.

Casa Azahar offers a wide range of holiday flats so you can choose the best one for you.

  • Confirm the method of payment, check-in and check-out times, who will be in charge of handing over the keys and who will deal with any problems that may arise during the stay.

That’s it! Once we have completed these steps, there is nothing left to do but book our perfect holiday rental and discover every corner of Alcossebre…

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